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Plant molecules are extracted from species endemic to Central Asia steppe unique flora. We are currently working on species from 19 different plant families under an exclusive agreement with a local partner.


Our first Plant molecules kit, named Biotoxan®-P01 is now available.



30 of them led to the development of drugs approved for treatment in man of antiarrhythmic, vitiligo, anticholinesterase, estrogenic, respiratory analeptic, antihelminthic or angioprotective conditions.


Numerous alkaloids, glycosides, coumarines, flavonoids, lactones, proanthocyanidines, lipids and polysaccharides have already been isolated and will be progressively added to Biotoxan ® Library.


Because Nature remains the best source of new chemical entities for drug discovery.


A recent survey* showed that of the 1184 new chemical entity drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in the last 25 years only 30 per cent were from synthetic origin. The others were all obtained from natural sources or chemically designed to mimic natural products.
* (D.J. Newman & G. M. Cragg. Journal of Natural Products Reviews, 2007)


Biotoxan®-P01, our first Plant Molecules Library is now available







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